Judo (Englisch)
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'Judo, originating in Japan, is a martial art and way of life centered on balance, technique, and discipline. Its core, Tachiwaza, focuses on standing techniques, including throwing techniques (Nage-waza), off-balancing (Kuzushi), and the gripping game (Kumikata). Tachiwaza demands dynamism, explosiveness, and strategic combinations, earning points in competitions through controlled throws. The counterpart, Newaza, explores ground techniques involving grappling, pins, and joint locks. Judo transcends gender boundaries, adapting to various physical abilities with a focus on technique over sheer strength. While it poses potential injury risks, the sport offers inclusivity, modified techniques for disabilities, and a range of benefits. In our course, divided into warm-up, judo-focused, and cool-down sections, the use of a judogi becomes essential as we progress through yellow and green belt techniques. The course emphasizes safety, injury prevention, and mastering kumikata to gain an edge in Judo, showcasing its multifaceted nature catering to different interests and abilities.

Please bring your own judo suit.

The indicated price is valid for the total duration of the course. Cancellation of the booking is free of charge up to and including 03.11.2023 by e-mail to zfh@uni-osnabrueck.de.

233910Fr19:00-21:00SZ-Gym.03.11.-02.02.Aydin Takhtfirouzeh
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